How Does Your State Discipline Students?

How does you state discipline students? ¬†Check out this article and video discussing utilizing handcuffs in schools and if security in schools is going to far. The article highlights a young boy who was only in the second grade when he was handcuffed at school. In the incident report the officer said he cuffed the eight year old boy because he appeared to be out of control and to keep the student from hurting himself. The student was upset because bullies were taunting and picking on him so he began to cry and yell. When the school security officer found the student screaming and crying in a classroom the officer asked the student to come with him but the student refused to the follow the officer. As a result of his noncompliance the student was handcuffed and remained handcuffed until his father arrived. The student’s family is currently suing the school district for violating his constitutional rights. The video in the article also discusses the school to prison pipeline, racial bias when it comes to discipline, and how students with disabilities are three times more likely to be reported to law enforcement than students without disabilities. ¬†Below is a link where you can check out the statistics for your district. Select your state and district then the data for your district will appear. In the charts and graphs you will be able to see the discipline statistics by category and the discipline data for students with disabilities versus students without disabilities. The link to the entire article and video is below.