Department of Education To Limit Scope Of Civil Rights Investigations

The Department off Education is considering changing its policy and procedures on how investigations of civil rights will be conducted at schools. Currently, investigations into discrimination complaints in schools look at the specific incident of discrimination and as well as any possible “systemic” or institutional problems that could of caused the civil rights issues in the first place. The Department of Education could change its policy and procedures so that future probes focus instead on the main complaint at hand.  This change could lead to a continuation of the same widespread behaviors that lead to investigations in the first place. A second proposed change would allow the department to solely negotiate agreements with schools or school districts and not be obligated to release the findings of an investigation to the students and parents involved in discrimination complaints. To read more about the possible changes please click the link below:

Special Education Enrollment In Texas Increases

Enrollment in Special Education has increased in Texas since the 2016 article by the Houston Chronicle. TEA (Texas Education Agency) eliminated the so-called benchmark/cap in November 2016, just two months after the Houston Chronicle revealed the existence of what officials described as the 8.5 percent “benchmark.”  TEA has denied that it kept disabled students out of special education programs, saying the benchmark was not a cap or a target but an “indicator” of performance by school districts. To read the complete article please click the link below.