My sixth-grader has had an IEP since preschool, and I've always hesitated to get an advocate because I was afraid the folks at the school would become defensive or take it the wrong way. I couldn't have been more wrong! Shemica started working with us just before this school year started, and she's been absolutely amazing. She is experienced, knowledgeable, level-headed, and so fun and easy to work with! When we first started, I sent all of my child's paperwork (8 years worth -- could fill a library) to Shemica, and she read every bit of it and came up with a plan for services and accomodations. She talked with me on the phone several times before our ARD, and was so thorough, never in a hurry. It was such a huge relief -- no one at the school has time to pore over that packet, and I'm never quite sure what I should be asking for. At the ARD, the school folks seemed relieved to have had all this work done for them. I was worried about an adversarial meeting, but it was the exact opposite. Shemica has helped me understand our IEP and my rights, which has given me the confidence to collaborate much more effectively with my child's teachers. I used to feel like I was always missing something or should be doing more for my child, but not anymore, thanks to Shemica! Our lives have changed, and my child is reaping the benefits! Thank you many times over, Shemica!

Michelle Ryan    December 17, 2017    Frisco, TX   

Where do I begin?? Shemica Allen has been a blessing for our family! I am so grateful that God led me to her when I was desperately in need of an advocate for my nonverbal grandson who has a diagnosis of autism. I found Ms. Allen to be very professional, devoted, and one who truly loves our kids. She was very approachable and accommodating when we first met. I loved that​! On the day of my grandson's ARD, she was well prepared for a meeting that lasted all day!! Her fees are more than reasonable and our communication is ongoing. I told her she is stuck with us for life!! I would recommend the services of Shemica Allen to anyone who is in need of an advocate for their child with disabilities. She knows IDEA and will fight for you and most importantly, your child. Thank you, Ms. Allen!!!

Jeannie James    June 12, 2017    Garland, TX   

I highly recommend that anyone seeking advocate services to use Shemica Allen. She was very helpful with advice and her expertise in Special Education. Her drive & willingness to help us get the proper services/placement needed for our son to be successful were absolutely phenomenal. She has been very professional, knowledgeable & supportive throughout the entire process. She was always available to answer any questions & concerns no matter how trivial. It has been a pleasure to have her represent our family as an advocate. We consider Shemica as our blessing. Thank you so much for all you've done.

Ashford Family    February 6, 2017    Greenville, TX   

Shemica Allen is an incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and through Advocate. Her dedication to success coupled with her awesome people skills enable her to navigate the complicated world of ARD's and IEP's with ease. Due to her experience and intuition, Shemica is able to anticipate and counter the school districts proposals/plans to ensure your child is not denied services and receives a comprehensive IEP with outstanding accommodations as well as comprehensive goals and objectives that hold the school accountable. Shemica conducts an extensive prep prior to an ARD and provides the parents a written document that outlines the plan that will be executed in the ARD. Shemica prepares the parents prior to the ARD. As a parent you will feel the most prepared you have every been prior to entering into an ARD. Anyone who secures Shemica Allen as your Advocate should thank God for the incredible blessing. By far the best Advocate in the Dallas area if not all of Texas.

Wayne & Monique S    February 3, 2017    Rockwall, TX   

Personalized Learning Solutions is definitely the cream of the crop! They worked very diligent. I was was very empress and pleased with the services they provided. I would recommend Personalized Learning Solution & plan to utilize their services in the near future. Thank you for going the extra mile!

The Rush Family    December 23, 2016    Arlington, TX   

Hiring Shemica as our advocate was absolutely the best decision we made. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate, but she worked tirelessly on behalf of our son in order to get him what he needs. She left no stone unturned from tapping in to her vast database of resources to leverages her experience in the school system. She was always there to answer every question we had and the advice she gave us was always spot-on. If we have any concerns in the future we would not hesitate to hire her again. She gets results and is a pleasure to work with. We will forever be grateful to her for everything she did to help us secure an appropriate placement for our son and thereby unleashing his potential.

Karen D    December 20, 2016    Allen, TX   

Shemica was very professional and knowledgeable about 504 matters. She was punctual and was considerate with returning messages. I will be using Shemica in the future if need be.

Cherie R    October 14, 2016    Duncanville, TX