There has been an update to the interpretation of the Special Education Camera Law. An article in Education Week tries to explain what law makers meant when the law was passed and then in a letter they wrote last year after the camera law was passed.

There is definitely a difference in the interpretation of the law between law makers and Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Law makers interpretation-School districts in Texas have been interpreting the law to mean that if parents or teachers make a request, a camera would be installed in their children’s classrooms or in the classrooms in which they teach. The legislators who drafted the bill said that was what they meant, as well, according to a letter they wrote last year after the camera bill passed.

Attorney General’s interpretation-But the Texas attorney general has said that his interpretation is that a single request means that cameras have to be installed in special education classrooms districtwide. Complying with such a request might cost school districts millions—and Texas education officials have already said that this is a cost that must be borne by districts alone.

Texas Special Education Camera Law Just Got a Lot Broader

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