Parent Training Services & Workshops


Parent training workshops offered to parents, local support groups, nonprofit organizations, churches, and other organizations. Workshops can be tailored to fit the need of the group requesting the presentation. Prices for workshops are negotiable depending on size of groups, materials needed, etc.

  • Getting to Know My Child-Learn strategies and tips on how to prepare a “Getting to Know My Child” packet for teachers and service providers. These packets are very useful to teachers and service providers at the beginning of the school year.
  • Organizing Your Child’s Educational File-Learn how to organize your child’s educational file so that documents can be found quickly during a phone call, conference, or meeting.  You will also learn how to create a Quick Reference Sheet for the front of your child’s file to reference when need to access information quickly.
  • Special Education: The Basics-Learn Special Education basics including a brief overview of the laws & Special Education process, student & parent rights, school district responsibilities, basic terms, and acronyms.
  • ARD Committee/504 Committee Decision Making Process-Learn an overview of the Special Education & Section 504 processes from the initial evaluation request to the initial meeting.
  • Conquering the ARD or 504 Meeting-Learn tips on how to prepare for, attend, and follow up after an ARD or 504 meeting. Also learn how to prepare a Parent Agenda to keep you focused so you can successfully advocate for your child during the meeting.
  • Instructional Accommodations & Curricular ModificationsLearn the difference between accommodations and modifications and how each term is applied in the educational setting.
  • New Models of Support in the Classroom-Learn the new models of support in the classroom including in-class support, external support, and specialized support.