The voices of parents, advocates, and different disabilities organizations in Texas were heard!! Texas Education Agency (TEA) has canceled the IEP Analysis Project with Georgia based company, SPEDx. TEA Commissioner Mike Morath released a statement last Friday announcing the cancellation of the project.

“Significant concerns have been raised regarding our agency’s processes and the scope of the project,” TEA Commissioner Mike Morath said in a statement issued Friday evening. “The efficacy of the project would be undermined without real support from parents and educators alike. As a result, this project cannot proceed effectively. TEA will continue to work with parents and educators to identify methods to improve outcomes for our special education students.”

The cancellation takes place in 15 days & SPEDx must destroy all IEPS & data received from TEA. To read more about the cancellation of the projects click the two links below.

TEA Cancels IEP Analysis Project

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